Ice Cream Pie

Source: Betsy Mullins

25 Nabisco chocolate refrigerator cookies

4 T melted margarine

ice cream (vanilla, mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, whatever you like)

1 jar chocolate fudge sauce (not syrup)

Crush 25 chocolate refrigerator cookies in food processor or in a bag using a rolling pin. Combine with 4 T melted margarine. Press crumbs into bottom and sides of 9" pie plate. Put in the freezer to set. (10 minutes or more)

Soften ice cream slightly, to "smooshing" consistency. Fill pie crust and refreeze until solid. (1 hour or more)

Make sure fudge sauce is at room temperature. Pour or spoon sauce onto frozen pie, spreading slightly to cover to the edges. Don't spread or push too much with the knife because the sauce will separate and the ice cream will poke through.

Freeze pie again.