Kosher Pickles

Source: David Pistrang

Kosher style cucumber pickles are ridiculously easy to make, and so good! This recipe is approximate, and can be adjusted by substituting different amounts of herbs. Also, salt concentrations might vary – if your brine is saltier, just brine your pickles for less time.


A bunch of cucumbers (maybe 3 or 4 lbs) – halved or quartered, depending on their size

1/3 cup kosher salt

1 cup boiling water

1 bunch of fresh dill – dried dill can be used instead, but fresh is better

4 cloves of garlic, smashed (but not chopped)

ground coriander, ground pepper (or put in whole seeds/cloves of these spices)

Mix the boiling water and salt in a big bowl, until the salt dissolves. Then add in the cucumbers, garlic and dill. Next, fill up the bowl with regular water until all of the cucumbers are covered. Add the spices, mix. Cover the bowl and make sure all cucumbers are submerged – I used a plate to weigh down the liquid so that everything stayed covered. Let the pickles sit out on the counter at room temperature as they brine. Start tasting them after 8 hours or so, to check their status….but I’ve found that mine generally took 24 hours of brining before they were done. Once the pickles are done, transfer them to tupperware or other containers, and refrigerate. The cold temperature will slow down the brining. Since these are fresh pickles, they need to be consumed within a week.

You can experiment with different amounts of salt and spices to get the balance that you want!