Macaroni and Cheese

Source: H.W. Dyer and Pam Dyer

4 cups raw macaroni elbows, cook according to the package and drain

3 cups warm milk

6 T flour

6 T butter or margarine

lots of grated cheddar cheese (3 to 5 cups)

Melt butter, add flour and stir. The mixture you now have in the pan is called a "roux". (This is French for butter and flour mixture for sauces). Don't let it burn. Blend in milk, using a whisk if you have one. Stir till thickened. Turn heat low and add grated cheese. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, whatever else you like. Add a little parmesan cheese if you have any. Mix together with cooked macaroni. Bake in oven if you prefer, or else serve. Eat it up.